Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Dear Unemployed & Indentured Educated Class:

I have had a chance to visit this site, and I personally do not endorse the actions prescribed by this web site.  When I attended college, I earned my grades the old fashioned way by studying the text books, taking the exams and earning my grade without any gambling incentive this site offers.

Our very fragile indentured educated class cannot afford to get bilked out of more money than they already have been by the greatest scam of all, The Student Lending Crisis.  Ultrinsic's should be ashamed about their actions to scam students out of their hard earned money on a "chance" to win something.

As Florida State Leader for the Support Group for the Indentured Educated Class (USA), our group fully condemns the actions of this web site to scam our poor indentured students out of money they need to buy food, pay rent, pay utilities and other essential needs including baby food.

Shame on you Ultrinsic!

If any students feel bilked out of money by this web site, please visit our group's page and join us and provide your comments on our page.!/group.php?gid=278716756621&v=wall&ref=ts

Gambling is a very serious academic offense and is not needed in a college academic setting!  Most colleges I know would not support the deceptive actions of this web site.

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