Our White House Insider sends us this email detailing an explosive confrontation between First Lady Michelle Obama and members of White House Staff.

Author’s Note:  This email came to us yesterday afternoon.  As of publication, our White House Insider has been unable to confirm the specific details of this report.  This account is based solely upon information they received from one or more staff currently within the White House.  Here is that email in its entirety with the exception of personal information regarding the Insider that was withheld.

Sorry for delay in getting back to you. -personal information not included-  Situation very fluid RE elections, WH, Obama, etc.  Received something you may find interesting RE First Lady.  M.O. has become increasingly aggressive w/staff at WH.  Recent blowout took place involving First Lady screaming (exact word used) at staff member.  Said something to effect – “You are either with us or against us.  One or the other.”  Also heard to say that “the country doesn’t deserve us” to more than one member of WH.  Apparently M.O. convinced Emmanuel has staff leaking information to him or fears that.  Not sure what she fears from R.E. specifically but working to find out. Believes he may be dealing directly with Clintons? VJs role has increased dramatically in recent weeks even more than it already was.  Axelrod diminished.  Also told Gibbs very much out of favor with M.O. may be gone soon. Developing.
West Wing is increasingly in bunker mentality these days.  President remains unresponsive/agitated while at W.H. ,repeats that he “wants to be out speaking to the people.”  Staff paranoia at all time high.  Fear of H.C. described as “palpable”.  President DID offer VP spot to her.  CONFIRMED AGAIN.  Have more specifics on that developing but not ready to share yet.  Will say it appears H.C. considering VP offer. B.C. wants her to run for Pres. in ‘12 though.  Developing.
Will have more in coming days.  -personal information not included-  Talk in person then.