Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Edison State College Board Member asking Governor Rick Scott to investigate!

LEE COUNTY – The Edison State College President ignoring your questions for a 7th day in a row.. remaining silent about big payout's and huge salaries.

But one of his bosses is talking saying the state's top boss the governor should get involved.

The Board of Trustees is supposed to oversee what's going on at Edison but tonight one of those board members says spending is more out of control than he first thought and that's why he wants the Governor to get involved.

David Klien says, "I am mad as hell".

That's how Edison Board member David Klien responded after I emailed him this letter -- obtained by Fox Four written on behalf of the faculty at Edison State College -- strong allegations of abuse of power -- extravagant salaries and payout's -- even discrimination in its hiring process.

David Klien says, "I am not saying there is anything criminal going on but it is certainly distasteful I'll put it that way.

Klien is talking about James Browder's more than 100 thousand dollar raise, a 300 thousand dollar contract buy out for Noreen Thomas who had only been on the job for three months and President Ken Walker's contract worth more than a half million bucks.

David Klien adds, "I thought that Dr. Walker was highly paid but it's even more than I thought I have never seen those numbers".

But why not? He is a board member who oversees the operations of Edison State College.

David Klien says, "you are supposed to keep your trustees advised -- we were never told why -- basically we have the fiduciary responsibility and we don't know anything".

Klien says the very reputation of the college and years and years of work are at stake. We're also learning there are new allegations that students are getting degrees that they haven't earned.

David Klien added, "if it was just a matter of salaries and people quitting it would be one thing, this I hear about degrees being ground out then you start to worry".

Klien is so worried -- he thinks the state must get involved quickly.

David Klien says, "I would invite the Governor of the State of Florida to look into this -- he can send anybody he wants but I think at this point the people of South West Florida deserve that they need to know exactly what's going on".

And Thursday afternoon we may get some of those answers. President Walker will meet with the faculty to address these concerns and he has invited the media to attend. We will be there -- working to get your questions answered.

CREDIT: Fox 4 on Your Side with Edison State College Mess!

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