Monday, April 4, 2011

Edison State College faculty voting to oust leaders

LEE COUNTY – New information in the outrage at Edison. Faculty now deciding the possible future of President Ken Walker and James Browder.

Faculty are casting ballots for a vote of no confidence that could send the two packing. Three weeks ago -- Steve Atkins' resignation fueled fire. Fox Four learning that Atkins might be working on returning to his old job.

When Steve Atkins resigned he made it very clear he loved the college and faculty -- what he couldn't deal with was the current administration that may be on its way out.

Well -- it appears as if Edison State College President is keeping his word to faculty again. First they wanted Jim Browder gone -- that's been done -- he was re-assigned last Friday. Another condition faculty asked for was a meeting between Walker and Atkins. Late this afternoon -- Atkins texted me to say: he and his attorney are waiting for walker to respond to his request to meet. I am ready to begin discussing my options.

Another key issue for faculty is transparency -- when it comes to hiring and salaries. They were upset Jim Browder was hired without a search and now it appears Edison State College created a job to keep him on after he was re-assigned!

And what about the salaries and perks for Ken Walker and Jim Browder? That has been a real hot topic. In fact -- so hot -- that Edison State College is refusing to grant a public records request to Fox Four asking for the W-2 tax forms for Browder and Walker citing a state statue that says they don't have too.

But the University of Florida had no problem releasing Bernie Machen's W-2's for the last three years. In 2008 -- he made nearly a million bucks -- in 2009 he made a little over a million and in 2010 -- almost 600 thousand bucks.

Credit to Fox 4 News, Fort Myers/Cape Coral, Florida.

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