Friday, April 8, 2011

Governor Rick Scott looking to fill positions on board at Edison

Posted: Apr 08, 2011 9:36 PM EDT
Updated: Apr 08, 2011 11:11 PM EDT
LEE COUNTY – The board of trustees at Edison State College in the hot seat. All eyes on them as faculty, staff, students and tax payers wait to see what they will do next to end the outrage at Edison.
Four in Your Corner looking into what qualifies these people to sit on the board and how much they make for doing the job.

Chris Vernon says, "I know the press is frustrated with me because I am not talking to the press".

Chris Vernon is Chairman of the Edison State College board of trustees. Seven other members make up the current board -- you might remember Vice Chairman David Klein called it quits and resigned last month in the wake of the turmoil brewing on campus.

Board member Randall Parrish, "I am extremely proud of this institution -- I went here more than 40 years ago. To see what it is today and what it was then makes me so proud".

Many on the board say that's why they do this -- because they are proud of Edison State College and President Ken Walker. You might be surprised to learn they certainly don't sit on the board for the money.

Vernon says, "we are not paid to do this and it puts us in a very good position, unique position top hopefully make some big picture decisions".

But those big picture decisions might soon be made by others -- appointed by our new Governor Rick Scott. Take a look -- JoAnn Helphenstine and Mahlan Houghton are both up for re-appointment and Mary Lee Mann's appointment ends next month.

The Governors office is currently taking applications for the spots on the board. Those interested in a seat need to fill out this nine page application -- answering numerous questions -- like past or current boards you sit on -- any criminal history -- what makes you qualified -- any awards or recognitions that relate to the board.

Article Credit to Fox 4 News, Cape Coral/Fort Myers, Florida 

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